Sunday, April 26, 2015

the boy

was starting to cough in his lap
with no boy’s knees
he staggered
the pistol in his shoulder
they came to a vanished road
lifted him over nothing
it’s okay he said and picked
and set off
he dropped down
he turned and stood
dropped to his knees and leaves
he wiped gore and mute
in the long cold
down he heard them
there was a cough
so frail and thin
“Pinch an Inch” PoMoSco challenge – use words in a one-inch width of source text.
McCarthy, Cormac. The Road. New York: Picador, 2006. Print.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

discomplopulating Bashô's frog

No one 
Along this pond but I,
This frog plop. 
In the plop
No plop can plop
How soon it must frog.
“Haiku Anew” PoMoSco challenge –  discombobulate a haiku poem using the Haiku Discombobulater.
Bashô, Matsuo. "Frog Haiku." Trans. James Kirkup. Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, n.d. Web. 13 Apr. 2015.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

in the universe

in the stories
in the northeast
in the Iliad
in the earth
in the end
in the world
in the life
in the presence
in the underworld
in the form
in the account
in the wild
in the home
in the reign
in the century
in the town
in the fire
"X:Y" PoMoSco challenge – listing syntactic pattern from source text.
Hamilton, Edith. Mythology. New York: Back Bay Books, 1998. Print.

Monday, April 06, 2015

on the pat

i ooutside my hotel room
in Cancun people have gotthings backwards
willfully he circlest he          parcel he’s laid out in
the foyer there is a colds pot
in my head           cheeri er merrier
my war in the dark with myth          oughts
listen          it is laughter coming through the foggy dawn
i found my sunglasses in a strange place          this morning
i said this beer is sow arm          you could something an egg on it
there is a sickness afterwards          sweet pour jacket
my there was something African about the wallpaper
in you’re yes that night          actually being
middle easterners          the new pop
eelected yesterday          if nice guys finish last
one day Ernest Hemingway was writing a novel
in which there was much my students see
history as a single          a poet can’t change
the world i give you          7:39 PM          the fruit drawer is empty
when had she feltt his way before          have you ever followed
a beautiful woman         even her footsteps were sexy
why should this lesson beat your expense
the wind and nott he          baby sprang
up at 4 AM          snow banks are melting         a mother calls
for her son          another time          a mother explains to her child
my knee is not a flower the doms hoist into the pyre
the body and there you are the last pin-up
in your stockings and fur          coat these new holidays
i learned about santa claus          about christ and god
when she is christ’s bride          the carpenter wastes there in the cool night
as thee          ye lash          moon grazes the roof
the daffodil swatched          the dinosaurs die on christmas eve
blessed bet hep          eon-y          vomited from its sepals
even herein          my neighborhood of concrete god says i
enjoy flying          a boy on a hill flew a kite his fat her had given him
a friend of a friend of a friend lived so near a bakery DEA
this stub born this year
Catching up as I haven’t posted for two days. The results of my fifth PoMoSco challenge. “First in Line” –  retaining the original word order, compose a poem using the first lines of another poet’s book.
Hamann, Shannon. Deathdoubledactyl. Ohio: Pavement Saw Press, 2011. Print.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

in the shadow at Starbucks

at the libraryMarcacciShadow
i watched like nine episodes
you didn't get to
i'm joking
it comes too fast
i just told them what i wanted
they're like you're so far away
alsalam alaikum
it's very weird
a member of the team
you're so cool
habibi yalla
where's my seat
it's so good
do you have coffee
it's Jawhara
he's like oh yeah yeah yeah
she sent me two dates
you're such a racist
“All Ears” PoMoSco challenge – remixed conversation fragments with the help of to rearrange my lines.
Converstaions pilfered while seated at Starbucks in the Language Arts & Sciences Building in Education City, Doha, Qatar.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

secret passage

secret passage
this scene
dark and cold
until an eyebrow
your past
created me
my long-lost something
we are connected
The results of my fourth PoMoSco challenge. "White Out" - an erasure sonnet variation using correction fluid.
Stevens, Amanda. Secret Passage. Toronto: Harlequin, 2004. Print.