Monday, November 03, 2003

The urge was striking me yesterday. Two or three times, actually. I sat down to scratch somthing out and ended up erasing everything. My boring post-halloween, hangover recollections.

Now, I'm back at it, but I'm determined to excrete something substantial, although it may not be engrossing.

Anyway, after a long day at work, scratching myself incessantly during my lessons because I was breaking-out with some strange rash, I'm impelled to document the illness. Whether it was the Black Currant Conserve I have been eating on my toast recently or the Rice Vinegar or the new laundry detergent or bed-bugs in my futon, I don't know why my body is reacting this way. If it doesn't improve by tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor.

I have little bumps on the sides of all of my fingers. There's one particularly scratchy area on my right leg. The back of my neck itches (which makes wearing a tie hell) as does the back of my head. There are large red streaks where I was scratching the backs of my hands and both of my arms, particularly around my shoulders.

And this is just the most recent ailment among a string of odd bodily conditions I've experienced while living in Japan. For instance, I've never had so many warts on my feet and other extremities. At the moment, I'm wart-free, but they seem to crop up at random.

When I first arrived here, I contracted Colitis. I don't know what it is, but food and water shoot straight through you. Aside from that, you're not hungry, which was good considering how quickly things made it from one end of the body to the other, except for the fact that you might die if you didn't eat or drink anything for a week.

The doctor asked me how I got sick and I told him I ate some strange sushi, but he said I wouldn't have the condition from eating bad raw fish. Anyhow, he gave me some pills, some powder and some pain-killers, which seemed to clear-up the problem.

A few months later, in the heart of winter, I had a throat infection. The throat-specialist took a picture of my throat, which showed a nice white patch on one side of my throat. He gave me two kinds of pills, which seemed to do the trick, except the condition reappeared a week later on the other side of my throat.

Additionally, I've had three colds, which makes it sound like I've been perpetually sick since I've been here, but it hasn't been so bad. I'm sure Tokyo is more polluted than Osaka.

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