Monday, December 15, 2003

Japanese people are shy. If you ask them to describe their personality, they tell you they're shy. Men or women. I believe them. In nearly a year and a half, I've only had a handful of broken conversations with Japanese people. I've befriended a couple people but, for whatever reasons, can't seem to develop a strong relationship with them. They are too busy. They work too much. They don't invite me to do things with them. Maybe they just don't like me, which is highly probably knowing myself as well as I do.

When I'm riding my bicycle around town, there's only one thing coursing through my mind. Ludacris singing: "Move bitch, get out the way." It has become my bicycle mantra.

And there are no sidewalk laws regarding bicycles here. Bicycles rule the avenues or the sidewalks or wherever they happen to roll. Japanese people are like deer in headlights when they see you pedaling down the sidewalk at break-neck speed. In a city with over 8 million people, Japanese people walk around like no one else exists. Perhaps it's just the treatment for foreigners, or perhaps just rude foreigners like myself. They want me to teach them English.

And I don't know if there's another country on the planet that is so obsessed with learning English. A country full of people who won't talk to foreigners because they're too shy, but if you ask them why they study English, they tell you they want to speak to foreigners. That or they want to watch movies without subtitles. Hell, I can't even understand some American movies.

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