Tuesday, December 30, 2003

New Year's Eve in America with Angela. My last post of fading 2003. I haven't been as prolific, as attentive to the ever ready blog, in recent weeks as I've been traipsing all over Northern California enjoying a holiday vacation with family and friends, but I'll be back to it with renewed interest in another week when I get my usual life back. The blog will go on! The vacation has been a timely respite from my usual Japanese regimen, which seems an old memory. I can't imagine what I do in that country.

I don't know what we're going to do tonight. Not exactly, anyway. I know we're driving into San Francisco and that we'll eat somewhere. Right now, I'm drinking holiday blend coffee and tinkering with this computer while Angela gets in a few more winks. I was supposed to wake-up an hour ago to spit out this final addition (edition?) of the year, but couldn't resist sleeping for another hour. I can't be in a rush to do very much while I'm on vacation.

In past years, this has generally not been a day to write home about, but this year seems more promising. I have to find some entertaining activity for both me and Angela. Whatever happens, I don't think we'll complain very much.

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