Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's cold outside. The unfortunate reality of Winter. It makes me slow. I can't talk smoothly. My body doesn't react. I stub my toe on the doorjamb returning from the bathroom. I may just be making excuses for my aging body, which is not as limber as it was in younger days, but I blame it on the weather. It doesn't seem to rain as much during the Winter, which is nice.

I don't want to do anything except stay in bed where it's warm, read books and only get up to pour another cup of coffee. It's too cold to leave the house. And it's a long way to the subway station.

Life goes on. At least, I'm committed to continuing to return to my job on a regular basis, which is a dramatic change from previous versions of myself. I have a goal. There's money to be earned before I make my escape from Japan. I think I learned how to save some of it, too. Every day is another day closer to a long vacation in another country. And I've been working diligently in my free time, studying Italian and scratching-out my poems and other writing, which makes the days pass too quickly.

I'm lucky.

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