Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Nothing much exciting from this side of the world. My job hunt in China is beginning to appear successful. Although I don't have anything definite lined up, I've had quite a few responses so the opportunities, at least, seem plentiful.

Received word of a few publications this month, which is always exciting news to me, but not so for the rest of you. Also, received a mystery call from a company who claims I haven't been paying my student loan bill since October, even though I was under the impression that I had been paying somebody. It's a fairly strong impression, as well, since the money disappears from my account each month. Money matters and irregularities like this are quite difficult to investigate when you live on the other side of the planet, because they involve a synchronicity in navigating time zones which can be annoying. As always, I welcome donations which help reduce my headache.

Went to a sayonara party, a farewell party in Japan, for some coworkers last night, so now I'm nursing a light headache and trying to rehydrate myself before working up the energy to get ready for another day on the English-go-round. The night could have ended with a bout of Karaoke and a Taxi, but we opted to catch the last train and forego extenuating our already blossoming state of debauchery.

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