Wednesday, January 07, 2004

OK. Back in Japan in my new home. And back to work in a few more hours. I'm a little nervous about getting back to the office. I'm not sure why. I always feel like people look at me suspiciously when I return to work after a long vacation. Call me crazy.

The flight could have been better. I procured a cold, which had been struggling to overtake me during my vacation in the form of an annoying but slight cough, only rearing its ugly head upon my departure. A stuffed and runny nose, airplanes, and altitude don't mix too well, but I feel decent now after ingesting some placebo medication. Not perfect, but serviceable. Perhaps a good night of sleep was all I needed. Still, I'm sure I'll be feeling the lag for a few days.

The service on the flight wasn't terrible, but neither was it spectacular. I began to wonder why anyone would want to be a flight attendant. The fast food workers of the sky. They wear funny colorful uniforms, serve food, and clean up after people. Is the pay that good?

I suppose I shouldn't complain. Whoring English in Japan is a kind of fast food for the mind. The pay isn't spectacular and I have to provide my own transportation.

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