Monday, February 02, 2004

Because you must have even more of me. Those of you who can find it, anyway. And, as I can't seem to sleep now, having taken a lengthy nap this afternoon, I feel the need to get off Wednesdays, which has become a bloggy doldrum for me, at least over the first month of this year of the Monkey, so, at least, I endeavor to break my own mold.

We celebrated the Superbowl today in Osaka by attending a bar in the early hours of Monday morning to watch the game and enjoy beer breakfasts. I had taken the day off to not only view the game live (rather than watching a rebroadcast or video) but to also savor the after-effects of either the competition or a lingering beer fade. It was an enjoyable game and well worth watching. Already, it seems like a distant activity.

And with sleep now so close, the other inhabitants of my apartment having long since retired to their futons, the return to my work and the regimen of regularity can't be far off. Soon, I too will enjoy the dwindling hours of what's left of this morning, again to grind my teeth in a dream, anticipating the early cry of the alarm in a premeditating slumber that would be impossible to call sleep. I put off the inevitable for a few more keystrokes.

Is it important to keep doing this, dabbling the wordy goo and nonsense of Bobby-boo, while my toes freeze in the cold kitchen, pausing again to check the remaining minutes of this hour, the last one I will see before dreaming? You tell me. We always seek validation for these sorts of things. I imagine it continues unacknowledged into the wee hours of a life.

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