Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well, February was a productive month, blog-wise, as this is my fifth post of the month. Hooray for leap-years! And my posts have been longer in recent weeks. I guess I'm not as constipated as I was when I started punching out whatever rolled off the tip of my mind. At leat one person read my last post, aside from myself. It doesn't get me down, though. I've been writing poetry for years that no one reads. I guess I need to hype it more, my poetry and my blog. Look for me in an e-zine near you.

What's new? Yesterday, Angela and me went plum blossom viewing at Osaka Castle with about one million other Osakans. I missed plum blossom viewing last year, only catching the tail-end of cherry blossoms while drinking a midnight beer with my roommate after work one evening, so I didn't want to miss this season. The weather was ripe for it, clear skies and bright sunshine, and we didn't have anything better to do with our Saturday afternoon. Aside from that, I always try to immerse myself in Japanese-ish activity whenever possible. At least, those activities that I can understand. Especially, when it doesn't cost anything. It's my way of blending in or feeling Japanese, and observing beautiful things is not solely a Japanese passion.

Seriously, I believe blossom viewing is a fine way to spend an afternoon, and nobody does it better than the Japanese. The air smells wonderful, which is not easy to say about most places in Osaka, and almost everyone seems to be in high spirits while they wander along the dirt paths considering the white, pink and red emblazoned trees. An old woman in a purple kimono laid out a bunch of props and a cassette player, and started dancing, waving her fan, for those of us who had chosen to spend our afternoon at the base of the castle walls and the whims of nature. The wind kicked-up and we walked back to the station in a snow of late Valentine petals.

It rained hard and steady this morning, probably knocking off all of the fragile blossoms that we had observed yesterday. Such is the life of a blossom, subject to the extremities of the season. I thought it was a good day to work, which is what I did. More blossoms will appear in a few days, though. The last of the plums and the late-bloomers will emerge and fade, and then we will begin to prepare for the awakening of the cherry trees as the weather warms and turns Spring.

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