Sunday, April 04, 2004

I wanted to write something for April Fool's Day, but I didn't have the energy then. A few days ago, I started working the graveyard shift. 11PM until 7:30AM. Yes, in Japan, people study English around the clock. My job is like an English convenience store for language.

I haven't quite completely adjusted to the time change yet, but it gets easier every day. Going to work when everyone else is going home, and coming home when everyone else is going to work means that there's always a seat on the subway, which is nice after a long night of shoveling introductions and idioms.

Caffeine is beginning to take a toll on me, too. I need to reduce my doses, which, in recent excess, just makes me a miserable teeth-grinder. I imagine that habit will taper off as my biological clock realigns itself and it starts feeling natural to awaken with the moon. Not a bad prospect for a poet, I suppose. I can think of less poetic ways to start my day.

I haven't worked out all the impending alterations to my personal life that such a change induces, but that's a work in progress, as always. A temporary alteration, at least until my great escape in July, to put a few more yen in my pocket.

Now, sleep calls.

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