Friday, April 09, 2004

The internet is fantastic. I've added some new features to the site this week. You should start seeing some pictures now, the first of which I've added to a post from a few weeks ago. My attempt to make the site a bit more colorful. It's not award-winning photography, but it should add some meat to my otherwise dreary self-indulgence.

It was not very easy, either. As I use free e-mail and free web hosting, I have no storage space on the web to reference pictures. I had to find a free place to store photographs to which I could also link from the website. Some free storage sites don't allow remote linking! After a few hours and three or four failures, I finally settled on Bravenet.

I also dropped a hit counter into the sidebar just to appease my curiosity and love of statistics.

I will begin to make the text more dynamic by including more links, the first of which is included above in this post. Now that I don't use a WYSIWYG editor, I'm having to learn bits of HTML that I otherwise ignored in the past. It probably won't interest you much if you're looking for my poems.

Speaking of which, I should, in the near future, be adding links to some e-books I'm self-publishing with my own, as of yet, unnamed publishing house. There you have it. Laugh if you must.

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