Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I went to Tottori last week for a couple days with Paola, my roommate. A prefecture North of Osaka on The Japan Sea famous for, at least, the location of the Japanese desert. We rode a bus for about three hours in the morning to get there. I took pictures to prove my adventure. Although I don't have any pictures of the bus, I have some nice pictures of some Japanese students from Himeji who fearlessly introduced themselves to us amid bouts of tug-of-war.

I thought it was a beautiful place, and surprisingly deserted for an attraction, albeit a natural one, which was not a temple or an amusement park or something with more obvious return or souvenir value. Among the many possible activities to choose from, we could have ridden a camel or paid to just sit on one, neither of which we attempted. We did climb to the top of that massive dune in the picture and down to the beach on the other side. The water was blue, beautifully calm and brimming with a type of jellyfish neither of us had ever seen. The weather was spectacular on that, our first day, but rained us out of Dodge on the following day, although not until after we had climbed to a temple on Mt. Daisen in the pouring downpour.

Back in the big O now to continue the monotonous countdown to my departure. 16 working days, 29 days until I board a plane and 30 days until I can see Angela! Everything seems monotonous when you're waiting for a vacation. Every day is a new opportunity to recalculate the remaining moments left until Angela and me reunite in Rome. Unfortunately, the weather has been typically wet lately, and colder than you might expect for this time of year, although I don't mind working when the weather is bad. Paola, informed me that the rainy season started a few days ago so I guess I'm in for a few more nasty days before I leave.

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