Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Right now, I'm a living poetry. That's about the best way describe it. The food, the lifestyle, the history, the people. Getting to know my future family and learning Italian at a breakneck pace. My father, in another part of this country with my mother, sending me phrasebook messages from some internet cafe.

I don't do too much here, though. Every day, wandering Puglia with Angela, driving around in her sister's Fiat. Going to the ocean to swim as much as possible, which is not enough for Angela. (She doesn't like it when I talk about her.) I snuck away to plot off some ramblings for the dedicated few who find me every now and then.

About three more weeks of intensive cultural training and vacationing here and then it's off to China. Maybe I can write you again.

Buona giornata!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Haven't been around much lately. Spending six relaxing weeks in Italy before Angela and me move to China. I'll give you more information when I get a chance. Right now, I don't have much time to spend in front of a computer.