Thursday, December 16, 2004

It snowed today! Instead of going to the store to finish my Christmas shopping, I came straight home to tell you about it.

I was happily surprised when I left the apartment this morning and noticed small flakes coming down. I wasn't quite sure if it was drizzle or snow, at first, but then I looked around and noticed that nothing was wet. It was the real deal. My spirits instantly lifted. I had been waiting for it for many weeks, but the weather had only turned really cold over the past week.

It snowed all morning and it was all my kids could talk about when they came to class. The campus and all the trees and everything had a nice thin layer of snow. There was enough snow that the kids could have a snowball fight after class, on their way to the cafeteria for lunch.

Most of the snow melted in the heavily traveled places, the sidewalks, stairs and walkways, but there was still lots of snow on the fields and trees around the school. The janitors, perhaps 30 of them, actually came out and swept the huge courtyard in front of the school. They used brooms that were made of a bunch of thin branches tied together, which made the work seem more time-consuming than it actually should have been. I guess they're not quite hip to snow shovels here, yet.

One of my Chinese coworkers asked me if I had ever seen snow before. I laughed and told him that it snows in California. It's funny that most people have the impression that California is hot all year round.

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