Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Some mundane chatter for your eyes.

Thanksgiving came and went here without much hoopla. Angela and me celebrated by having a nice dinner together after taking in a free movie at the Italian Embassy. My coworkers and I also celebrated together. Our boss took us all out to a seafood feast, and a good time was had by all. I also got a poker game going last weekend with some of my coworkers, which I always try to get started wherever I may be. You might say it was a post-Thanksgiving celebration. I think we're going to try and play a game once a month.

My life is returning to normal after a misunderstanding at work a few weeks ago (which resulted in my 3rd-grade class receiving a new Chinese assistant), and as my slow recovery from a strange rash or infection on my face continues. I haven't shaved in about three weeks! Needless to say, I'm happy about these improvements, which had increased the level of stress in my life immeasureably, especially as I had been, concurrently, covering classes for my coworker who had missed nearly three weeks of work with a back or spine ailment. She returned to work on Monday and everything in the office is getting back to normal, as well.

It has been foggy all week, progressively foggier each day, so far, and quite cold now. I'm waiting to catch a cold, as that's just the kind of luck I seem to dredge up. Some people have been talking about snow, but we have yet to see any. Who knows when it will arrive.

On the writing front, I was concerned that none of my work had been accepted by any publications since I had moved to China. The sad, often unrewarding, process of a poet, schlepping work to various unknown editors. Upping the amount of work I submit does not guarantee better results. There's just too much research involved. I send about six batches of poems (4-6 poems in each batch) to publications each month, but my rate of acceptance had dropped to nil. I had some work accepted recently, though, which will be published over the next few months, revitalizing my spirits somewhat. Stayed tuned for updates. My main focus over the next few months is to complete some book-length collections of poems and begin shopping them around for serious publishers who will pay me. If you know any, you know how to get in touch...

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