Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Trying for a quick-fast update. Still fighting the web, finicky browsers and China, but I will win. I keep trying, anyway.

Trying to tie-up all of my Christmas loose ends, which also involves sending Christmas gifts in a timely manner so that they arrive in the states before Christmas. At the moment, things don't look too good, but I have supreme confidence in the postal system, even if I am in China and even if it is Christmas. At least, we have a Christmas tree in our apartment, which adds a nice touch of cheer to our place.

Trying to do Christmas shopping for Angela, and a few other friends here, in a place where I can't speak with anyone, find anything or get anywhere without massive assisstance.

Trying to recover from a cold that wrung me out yesterday. Another malady in a long line of minor, but annoying, annoyances which have hampered my physical well-being.

Trying to get this posted before Angela gets home from work.

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