Thursday, January 27, 2005

It has been raining, cold and grey everyday since we arrived, but far from terrible. We're simply excited to be here in Italy, away from our Beijing routines. It doesn't rain much in Beijing and, as we didn't really prepare for the wet weather here, we're a little unprepared to deal with our circumstances. After nearly twenty hours traveling and waiting around in airports, we arrived in Putignano without a hitch, spending our night in Rome and catching up with a couple of old friends, Marco and Simona. We had met them when we were living in Japan and, now, they were staying in Rome for a few weeks to take a teacher's training course.

The Italian countryside is quite beautiful and green, and we had a wonderful train ride under blackening skies and alongside fog-covered mountains and fields from Rome to Bari, where we caught another train to Putignano.

Eating home-cooked Southern Italian dishes on a daily basis and lounging most of the days away with Angela's family in Putignano. The weather has kept us inside most of the time, but we're still acclimating to our new time zone, as well. I think we'll be fine after today. Hopefully, the weather will improve so we can get some sunny days to enjoy adventuring.

There's a lot of excitement in Putignano right now, as they are host to Carnevale, which is a month long festival of costumes and debauchery of all sorts. I can't wait to partake in some of the festivities. I know that, for the finale, we will all put on costumes and attend a magnificent parade through this little town. Pictures forthcoming...

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