Friday, January 14, 2005

I've never posted my own poems on this site, but I thought this one had more immediate impact. I told an acquaintance of mine that I wanted to write a poem about the Tsunami and he laughed a little. "Well, you weren't there," he said. "How can you write a poem about it?" It seemed like a silly question. "It affected me."
what we need from people close to us since we began within her body and even now that we think we are grown up we look for a hand and we forget that she held us and felt the world until we knew it was not heaven we reach for each other in the dull morning she is not with us when we find each other and break our dreams what we need from people who knew her who remembered her hold on creation when we were part of something and felt warm in her grasp we feel alone and nothing drifts in this space where people meet we fall to her in the dark light of dawn we search for her hand it comes from the bottom of the ocean to rake the earth again with its delirious present leaves small pieces of the things we make continue to make takes the rest back and we can't help watching her great hand touch the shore it helps us make something new

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