Monday, February 21, 2005

After three days in Beijing, my bio-clock is still on the blink.

Woke up this morning at a quarter past three and tried to force myself to return to sleep. After about an hour, still wide awake but confident that I could get something accomplished, I got out of bed and made some espresso. Angela, amazingly, was sleeping soundly while I plunked away at the computer, tottered at the window staring into the blackness outside, wandered back and forth from the bedroom to the kitchen, fumbled cigarettes or leafed through the book I was contemplating continuing in a coffee and nicotine induced, maladroit, biorhythmic nervousness. Usually, the first day back to work after a holiday always clamps an awkward guilty hold on me, and would normally add to my heightened discomfort, but I had gone to the office yesterday to catch up on a few things and thankfully shed those feelings early.

Had the first six poems of my alphabet project published in Tin Lustre Mobile while I was in Italy, which was a nice boost. I'm trying to spread the rest of these poems around in the coming months before releasing it as a collection. The product of about 18 months of attention, started when I was living in Japan.

That's about it for this therapy. I know you're dying for pictures, and I want to jazz up the content a little with some good old-fashioned eye-candy, but you will have to wait until next time...

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