Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Watched the Superbowl a couple days ago on video. A friend of Angela's had taped the game. The broadcast was Italian, but that didn't bother me, obviously. It was the only football game I watched this season. Not the most exciting game, but well worth it.

Carnevale ended yesterday with a final parade and a mock funeral procession, in which we participated. The weather was great, for once, although it was still cold. Angela, Christina and me had rented costumes, allowing us to enter the parade and roam about as we pleased. I was dressed as a Cardinal from the Catholic Church and Angela and Christina were dressed as Nuns. We looked great together and received many compliments as we moved about, blessing the onlookers with our beer and cigarettes.

At the end of the parade, we joined the funeral mourners, wailing the end of Carnevale, and following a fake roasted pig to Piazza Plebiscita, where the pig was to be burned with all the pomp and circumstance necessary for such an event. Afterwards, we returned to a bar in the center of town and danced for a few hours before returning home to sleep.

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