Friday, February 04, 2005

We're preparing to leave Bologna, now, and our train leaves in about one hour. Angela is taking a shower and I'm trying to bang this out before she finished.

We've had a great, memorable stay here, and our hosts, Giuseppe and Valeria, have been very accomodating. I've come to learn that Bologna is famous for it's porticoes, which are everywhere in this city, and really give it a unique appearance. We had a large farewell dinner yesterday, which lasted into the wee hours, with Valeria and Giuseppe, Luisa and Antonio (Angela's cousin and his wife), and Taty and Nathan (our friends from Monopoli who recently moved to Bologna).

Before dinner, as I mentioned we would do in the previous post, Angela and me had spent the day wandering around Venice, which is about two hours by train from Bologna. The weather was calm, clear and sunny, which made Venice seem spectacular. We wandered on foot through most of the city, taking many pictures. Also, as it is Carnevale here, there were many characters roaming about the city in fantastic and elaborate costumes, sporting their famous expressionless masks, giving Venice a mysterious feel. It would have been nice to stick around for the celebrations in the evening, but we had to return to Bologna. Next time...

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