Friday, March 18, 2005

I have more pictures and stories about our Italian adventure, but I'm going to put it behind me now. Enough is enough. As they say in newsgroups, "backchannel" me and I'll send you witty narratives or photos.

Supposed to leave in the morning for Henan Province to look at the location for a new school. Angela and me, accompanied by my boss and her boyfriend, are supposed to be "English Consultants," which is about as good as any title. As you know, Angela is Italian but, hopefully, whoever we meet won't pick up on it. I don't really know much more than this. Catching a quick flight tomorrow at 8AM, although we're leaving for the airport at 6AM, and returning on Sunday afternoon.

I should be sleeping (right now it's after midnight), but when I tried to wash the dishes a few hours ago, I noticed that we didn't have any water, which is unusual. There were just slight gurgling and sucking noises, and then the sounds of silence. I have been worried about the water ever since, and also about being able to take a shower/shave/etc. tomorrow morning.

My job pays for all of our utilities, but it's not simply a matter of paying the bill when it arrives. Utilities here are a bit different. Residents pay for a specific amount or increment of water and gas. It's hard to understand when the amount runs out, but when it happens, residents should purchase additional increments. I guess we have exhausted our supply.

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