Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March is a long month or it just seems long. I'm giving myself an A for effort this month as this is the eighth post in that span. Almost double my usual output. There may even be one more post coming, but I wouldn't count any chickens yet.

Still nursing the lingering effects of a cold, but I can function, at least. I'm less irritable and stubborn than I was yesterday.

Easter came and went without much of a flourish here, as you might imagine. Like a good American, the real meaning behind Easter for me has been replaced by the more commercially accepted practice. Believe it or not, that heathen known as The Easter Bunny, found his way into our apartment, depositing a chocolate rabbit before hopping off to the other foreigner's homes.

I heard once, on television, that the Chinese have a unique idea about religion. They tend to honor all gods or spirits. The idea being that it is better to appease all of them, rather than risk the wrath of one. Sounds good to me. Superstitious, perhaps, but some would argue that all religions could fall into that category.

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