Thursday, March 24, 2005

Winter seems to have moved beyond us here, although it's still a little coldish. I can't remember when it last rained and everything is dried up and dead looking yet. The thin limbs of withered trees stretch up to the sky. It wouldn't be as cold, although the wind, which has increased its fierceness, as well as its dustiness, has begun to rifle through the city. Usually, haze-blocked, the recent rise in wind gives me daily glimpses of the blue-green mountains and the Fragrant Hills, as they're called, in the distance and which, even if I won't have a chance to visit them in the near future, raise my spirits during the short drive to school.

Still, the world spins and we go around with it. The computer is our link to all that's Western, and we check our favorite sites often. We watch the weather on TV almost every morning while we're drinking our first cups and, despite the stormy conditions elsewhere, Beijing seems to be the place on the map between the other snowy and rainy places, which is fine, I guess. At least, the sun is out every day, and it doesn't take two days to dry our clothes anymore.

Feeling sickish today with a scratchy throat and a partly stuffing nose. I haven't felt this way since I moved here and I'm hoping it will pass after a good night of sleep.

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