Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Whew! Already my tenth post this month and there should be at least one more before we get away for a brief holiday next week. We get a week off for Chinese Labor Day (that's what one of my Chinese coworkers called it), but Angela and me don't have all of our details ironed out yet. We thought about going to inner Mongolia, but have been warned against going there as it is still quite cold.

The bright, sunny weather here in Beijing has been fantastic, aside from the daily white-out which obscures everything. In the afternoons, it's quite calm and hot when I go to eat lunch, but by the early evening, the wind usually picks up and blasts across the city. By the time the sun goes down, taking the wind with it, the evenings are enjoyable enough to take a walk or sit outside and eat without the food blowing off the table.

I've been half-heartedly looking for another part-time job during the past month to make a little better use of my free time. I thought it would be relatively easy, but I've had absolutely no bites whatsoever. I have one private student who comes over twice a week, but that extra money in hardly noticeable, especially because, as I've been told, I'm charging too little. This is one reason why I will never be a businessman. Earlier this week, I thought I had found a particularly promising position at a local university, recommended by a coworker, which made me feel like I had a foot in the door, although I haven't heard anything. I guess I'll have to cast my nets wider. Unfortunately, as we're only a few days before a National holiday, it may not be the best time to find something.

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