Saturday, May 07, 2005

A few new developments. Angela and me returned from our travels in Shanxi Province (map). I will add a number of posts as I get them formatted detailing our trip (including some great photos) over the next few days. Stay tuned...

Couple new poems on the internet. Read Spoke at The Surface as part of a special theme about "The Rise and Fall of God & the Devil." Read H Itch, another poem from my Alphabet Series, which also won an honorable mention in a recent contest held by the same fine magazine, at Poems Niederngasse. There are those of you who may not appreciate some of my references so be warned. I promise I won't think you're bad people.

You should be able to download my most recent e-book, Excess Conceptions Meditations Rapist, if you're in the mood. Don't let the title scare you.

Finally, you can view all of my photos by themselves by clicking My Photos in the sidebar. There might be a few you haven't seen. There's also a new movie review at Reviewed, if that's you're cup.

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