Monday, May 23, 2005

My school is really a special place and I have no reason to complain about it. There are many plants and colorful flowers. The campus is picturesque, especially on clear days and it's a beautiful place to have to go to work every day. That building on the left is the school's cafeteria and, I believe, the other buildings are dormitories. I brought home a bag of cherries today which were picked from the cherry trees on campus.

One particularly unique feature of the campus is the recent addition of an aviary and a number of other animal pens. It seems like they are still continuing to work at building more pens for animals which they haven't yet procured. I imagine not many schools can boast of such an eccentric aspect to their campuses. I noticed a number of months ago that something which looked like a cage was being built out behind the basketball courts, but never thought much of it. Perhaps one month ago, I noticed that something was moving within the cage, which can be seen from my office window, and I thought it was time to investigate.

As I got closer, I could see that it was a habitat for large birds. A couple peacocks and six or eight other birds I couldn't recognize. I was amazed and impressed. A few weeks later, a cage for smaller canary-sized birds, which had been built into a corner of the large habitat, had been filled with an uncountable number of smaller colorful birds. You can see some of them here, although it's difficult to get a good picture through two layers of chainlink. You can view a few other pictures of the birds and some other animals here.

Aside from these exotic birds, there is a trio of geese penned into the cherry orchard. Next to the cherry orchard, there are three or four animal pens which house rabbits, puppies and goats. Across from these pens, there is a small cage which houses two myna birds, a large white cockateil, and another bird that looks like a kind of parrot. The mynah birds speak Chinese and, my coworker told me, they can recite some Chinese poetry.

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