Sunday, June 26, 2005

Relatively mild weekend. Angela has been a little sick, nursing a bad cough, but I think she's nearly past it now. We looked at a beautiful apartment yesterday, because we thought we wanted to move, but we decided against spending the extra money. It would be nice to live large here, but we really need to save every cent right now. We expect to travel quite a bit during the next twelve months, and we have those matrimonial plans some of you know about.

It has been very hot and humid over the past few weeks. Our apartment feels like an oven. We often go out in the evenings, after the sun goes down, to have a walk in the nice park near our apartment and escape the heat.

Me, Susan and ParentsEnjoyed a great meal with my student, Susan, and her parents on Saturday night. They are Korean, and they prepared a fantastic Korean meal for both Angela and me. The dinner lasted a little more than two hours, and we had a good time talking to each other. Susan's father is studying here in Beijing and they will return to Korea for the summer in a few weeks. We promised to make them a meal after they return.

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