Saturday, June 18, 2005

Writing is exhausting work. I've never thought of myself as a natural or something like that as it has always been difficult for me. Simply writing a long e-mail message to a friend can wear me down. It has become important to me, though, which is one reason I continue to add content here regularly.

I wake up early and stay up late to write. I try to do it every day because it feeds my desires to communicate and be creative. I'm not only talking about writing e-mail, which can be an overwhelming black hole in itself, but also my poetry and blog entries, which are all quite different modes of expression. In one sense, these different modes just help me continue to handle and use language in different ways, to practice. For someone who considers himself a poet, this is a necessary process.

It can be difficult to find things to write about. Some would call it writer's block, although I've luckily never consciously felt such a mysterious feeling in relation to my poetry. My ideas for poems or creative text arrangements may be silly or academic, but they have never lacked possibility. It's more difficult to fill the pages of this blog, for instance, although I don't keep a strict schedule and generally add content when I am compelled.

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