Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I thought you might be interested in reading this document. Here's a transcription of the speech from the Headmaster of the school we visited:
Leaders, Guests and Students,

Good morning! Today a group of distinguished guests comes to our school. They are the teachers and students in the Carden Department of Beijing Foreign Language Experimental School. Hereby, on behalf of the Wang Muying Primary School of Jing Zhuang Center, I warmly welcome your coming and express our sincere thanks for your donation to our school.

Students from afar, you come from prosperous metropolis. A great number of tall buildings and a constant stream of cars and buses immerse you in the rich modern metropolitan atmosphere. While, today after you left the city, wisps of smoke from rural houses and stretches of green fields show you another world. Wang Muying Primary School is a complete school of our center with a staff of 15 and 150 students from Dong Xiaoying, Wang Muying, Fang Laoying and Bao Linsi villages of the town of Jing Zhuang. In recent years, under the support and concern of all levels leaders, our school's environment has improved and the teaching quality has come out on top. Wang Muying is a small village against mountains to the northeast of Jing Zhuang Town. The people here are honest and simple, enthusiastic and hospitable. Your visit adds joyful atmosphere to this village. You use your pocket money to equip these knowledge-aspiring children with new motivation and your teaching will influence and help our teachers move upward to a new step. Giving brings more happiness than receiving. They are unified. As we bestow favor upon others, we actually gain more. I hope through this activity, all the students can learn form each other and build a good relationship.

Fellow students, you are the future of our country. In the near future, the heavy responsibility of country construction will fall upon your shoulders. Numerous high-quality talents are needed if China wants to stand steadily among the world nations. This activity enhances the relation between city and countryside: the city students get out of the city and into our country to know the life here; and our students also can learn about city life. During the activity, you enrich your knowledge, broaden your vision and build a relationship. Meanwhile, this activity inspires your passion of learning for China's development. This is our Communist Party and our people's ardent expectation. Work hard, students!

The Carden Department and County Civil Administrative Office has given this activity a lot of support and help. Here again I express my thanks to all the leaders, teachers, parents and students. At last, I hope all the students can make great progress in learning and be healthy. I Hope this activity will come off successfully.


The headmaster of Wang Muying Primary School

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