Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sweating every moment these days in the hot humid heart of Beijing, presently without a shirt plunking out words on the iBook in a corner of the bedroom. The only relief is waking up before the sun rises to enjoy a coffee in the cool, relatively quiet, morning.

Angela and me returned from eating a little while ago and she's already asleep on the couch. I'm about to sit down with an old-fashioned paper book as soon as I finish this hack job. Recently, all I want to do after eating is sleep, too, but the heat makes it impossible. Besides that, the computer was whispering my name and I had to see what was the matter. Eventually, I will sweat myself to sleep and not too late. I have to catch my ride to school at 6:45AM tomorrow. On a normal school day, I don't have to be downstairs until 9:00AM, but there are no more normal days.

I finished working today, if watching movies with my students is considered work, although I still have one more commitment before I'm actually free to do as I please for the rest of the summer. Tomorrow we will take a field-trip to a countryside school so our privileged students can get a good dose of perspective, hence our early start time. I'm looking forward to the journey and I'll be sure to take some snaps for the curious. Foreigners are not an uncommon sight in urban Beijing, but I know they're much less so outside the city. Should be an eye-opening experience for all. Anyhow, after that, I will really be finished.

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