Friday, August 19, 2005

For the past three days, the weather has been wonderfully clear with picturesque blue skies and glorious sunsets, climaxing in a full moon this evening which has never seemed so round or clear to me. Beijing hasn't had such optimal weather conditions all Summer long. The evenings have cooled off a little, further hinting that our Summer is coming to a close. I won't miss the humidity and look forward to the milder Autumn weather. Unfortunately, the change in the weather also signals the fast approach of another school year for all of us teachers here and, undoubtedly, in many other places around the globe.

I like my job, as I've mentioned on numerous occasions, but it's just the return to active duty that has me quaking a little after seven-ish weeks of vacation. Not quite as generous as the Summer vacations in America, but welcome all the same. I suspect the new school year won't be much different from the previous one, although I have a new position as the Director of our program and hope things will run more smoothly under my steady guidance. Wish me luck!

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