Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Poetic Community, pt. 1: Introduction

Since my last post, I've drafted two new posts which still remain incomplete. They continue to grow, and already appear lengthy in their prenatal state, as I work through some of the things that have crossed my path in recent days. As they develop and reach completion, I'll post them here over the next few weeks as part of a series, I guess. That's a great idea and now I'll stop and add a title to this which will bring some formality to the process... Not quite the alluring title I wanted, but sufficient enough to convey the theme, which some may choose to avoid altogether, and continue without being bothered.

I'm talking about writing more critically about writing or, at least, observing my own writing life and my living of it in a more critical way. This is what I've been battering around in my mind, particularly because I have lived abroad for the past three years and have come to realize a different sort of community than the one that normally develops around a person. If anything, it's just good practice. It's fun to write about the weather and my adventures, and my friends, parents and grandparents enjoy reading my rabble and will hopefully continue doing so, but as my audience expands, and it is expanding (I'll spare you statistical details until my blog's birthday in October), I want to provide wider-ranging content. I'm multi-dimensional!

As you can tell from my windy preface, I've been grappling with my poetic career recently–I like it and wouldn't change anything, except to add an increased level of book publications to the mix, like one *wink*–but some things I've read or done have brought me into closer and closer context with other writers, writing communities and writerly fashions. Contact rather than context would be a more natural or cliché choice in the previous sentence, but I think this suggests something else, which is not physical, not simply touching, but also interrelated. I am going to examine the different ways that the community around me has developed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my day-to-day writerly machinations, this will be, no doubt, an invaluable touchstone or insight into the myth of me.

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