Wednesday, September 07, 2005

JRFL IX LogoAnother season of American football begins in a few days as does another season of fantasy football. This is my ninth year running the Junior Robert Football League (JRFL), a fantasy football league (here's a picture of my logo for this season), and I'll easily admit to being addicted. I say American football because, after living abroad and often running into confusion with Europeans and the other football, known as soccer in the states, I thought I would begin to distinguish for the ease of my audience.

Before fantasy football, I was only a 49ers fan, rooting for my local team every week, but relatively disinterested in the rest of the game. Now, I follow all of the teams and players. Fantasy football has increased my enjoyment and appreciation of American football. Back in the states, once I began playing fantasy football, Sundays were reserved for watching football from dawn to dusk, with all the attendant pre-game previews and post-game highlights, but now I can't watch any games. The only game I watched last season (and the past three seasons) was the Superbowl, and that in Italy the day after on a video cassette. Now, aside from the fact that most of the games are being played while I'm asleep, I don't have cable or satellite television. I can't watch any games and it has become purely a fantastic statistical pursuit. I guess I love statistics.Tuesday Morning Quarterback Logo

I've become a football news junkie as a result. I use the computer too much to glean sports news daily, follow injury reports, sort statistics and monitor as many angles and sideshows as I can swallow. And, as most of you already know, there are plenty of sideshows with professional athletes. There are also great sports writers, as there are great writers in any field, and one of my favorites is Brian Easterbrook who writes his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column on and has a column today with his haiku predictions for the upcoming season. If you have any kind of sports bone in your body, take a look. You might even be interested if you have a haiku bone in your body!

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