Monday, September 19, 2005

LotoA few weeks ago, a couple of Angela's Italian friends, Ursula and Loto (this is Loto pictured here), who we'd met in Japan, stopped in Beijing for a few days on their way to a twelve-day adventure in Mongolia. They crashed in our apartment and, as both Angela and I were working, easily took care of themselves during the day. We met them somewhere every evening, though, to eat and have a little fun together.

Eating ScorpionsWe had a great time with both of them while they were with us. Loto is quite a surprising individual, even willing to make an improvisational appearance at The Bookworm's open mic, and I never quite know what to expect from him. I would have written about their visit sooner, and may have mentioned them once among the onslaught of visitors we received this summer, but was actually waiting for this wonderful picture of me enjoying a few deep-fried scorpions. Loto actually convinced me to try these wonderful critters with him one evening after dinner. Thanks, Loto! They were quite tasty and I would recommend them to anyone. It's particularly interesting to watch the vendor skewer the live ones before dropping them in the fryer. Just another one of the many unusual things to do and see in Beijing!

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Alson Teo said...

Deep-fried scorpions? No thanks. :)