Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just wanted to say happy birthday to my brother, who's teaching his teach at Sullivan Middle School back home in California. Check out his science page here.

Yesterday, I went to work early to take part in our school's flag raising ceremony. I was invited because some of our department's students had recently passed the GESE oral English exam and were going to be awarded certificates, and I had been asked to present the certificates during this ceremony. I was happy to do it as I was partly responsible for the success of our students (more than half of the students were children from the classes I taught last year), but also because I would get to witness this ceremony which usually occurred before I even get out of bed.

Mr. Marcacci's Post-Award StuporI wore my finest tie and such. The ceremony was held on our recently completed sports field sporting all-weather turf and surrounded by a nice track. The majority of the primary school students lined up on the field with their classes while the students who were to receive awards waited patiently near the stage, which was a cement pavilion underneath a covered area along the west side of the field. A gentleman on the stage shouted commands into the microphone he was holding and the students reacted by performing various movements under the watchful gaze of their Chinese teachers. Everything was very orderly and well-spaced. A color guard, consisting of a troop of students holding something that looked like a flag, waited on the track.

There were a few speakers who made speeches in both English and Chinese followed by a song. While this song was playing, the troop of students who were waiting on the track began marching toward the flag at the end of the field. Then the students were commanded to turn and face the flag, hold their arms up above their heads in a way that looked like they were shielding their eyes from the sun. The students were also commanded to sing the national anthem after which it was commanded to begin playing that song. The music began and the flag was raised. Following the completion of that activity, we were ushered onto the stage to do our thing with the certificates.


Bruce said...

I struck a pose like that in a photo taken for work a couple of years ago and it excited a massive outburst of Freudian analysis by my colleagues, who thought they detected signs of castration complex! "But seriously", congrats on the teaching success.It must be really satisfying.

Alson Teo said...

"Marcacci Madness

Inside the Mind of the Mad Scientist"

Very interesting page. :)

Bob said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll let my brother know, DP.