Friday, September 30, 2005

The open mic at The Bookworm, with the addition of a real microphone this week, came off quite well. Many people were inquiring about how to make the event a little longer, as the show is generally only about 45 minutes, and we talked of featuring particular writers. I need to build the following a little more, but then hope to pursue that suggestion more fully. After almost two months, the interest and excitement is still high and we're drawing between 25 and 30 people each week, which is a great turnout! Considering that it's the only event like it in China, I expect it to continue to grow.

As I finished work on Wednesday this week, getting an early start on the National Day holiday, I didn't have to go to work on Thursday or Friday. As a result, I drank more beer than I would normally drink at the open mic and then the majority of the hangers-on left and made our way to The Bus Bar. As the name indicates, it's a bar inside a bus and there is plenty of seating outside. Needless to say, I drank even more beer while talking to a group of Nigerians and Liberians, one who actually informed us that he was a hustler, and finally ended up getting home by 2AM. I generally try to get home before 12:30AM as the elevator in our building stops operating at that time and residents have to use the stairs to reach their apartments. It's not wonderful to climb 16 flights of stairs, especially after a night of merry-making.

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