Sunday, September 18, 2005

Beijing Pop FestivalWent to the Beijing Pop Music Festival on Saturday with some friends and coworkers. It was an all-day affair beginning at 11AM and running until 10PM. The weather was beautiful and clear on the eve of Moon Day, which is a kind of holiday in China to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, and our group of excited party-goers arrived around 3PM to pick up the action. Tickets for the show were 150 RMB.

As with the last music festival I'd attended, there was a heavy security presence seated on folding chairs throughout the mostly Chinese audience. The music wasn't that good, none of the artists performing were that well-known to any of us, although we still enjoyed ourselves making the best of a mediocre lineup. Numerous cans of beer were consumed and we enjoyed playing frisbee or dancing in the twilight. We caught two Chinese bands, a rapper named Lex, DJ Derrick May, ex-frontman of The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, and rapper Common. I think the highlight of the show was DJ Derrick May who mixed a heavy dose of techno grooves and really got the crowd ready for the rest of the evening's performers.

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This is yucky!
I tried to call just now to wish you happy birthday, but you were not home. I sent another email, but wanted to make sure you got the message---Happy Birthday.
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