Saturday, October 08, 2005

Back to work today, Saturday, which serves as payback for having all of last week off. The day went relatively smoothly and now I'm back in the real world again and out of the personal world wherein I had hidden out for a few days playing a computer game and smoking too many cigarettes. People don't look at you funny if you tell them you stayed home all day watching movies and eating junk food on your day off. Well, most people. I haven't played a computer game in about 18 months, which is impressive considering how much I used to play them. At one period in my life, I spent every possible moment outside my job in a computer game. Very unproductive, evil, little time-killers which give you odd dreams and make your eyes feel funny. A demanding lifestyle.

Went to the final night of the MIDI Music Festival with Angela. Immediately began slurping down 5 RMB Yanjings. We met Zhou (sounds like: Joe), Josh and a woman from Josh's work and her friend. The final band of the night was a Chinese death metal band. I'm not sure if death metal is the right term for it, but you get the idea. They sounded good and it was a nice change from the previous, more pop-ish, groups. We noticed a naked Chinese guy crowd-surfing, which seemed unusual. First, he was wearing his jacket and had his pants around his ankles while eager crowd members lifted him around. Then he disappeared. I wanted to go into the pit, and did just that, but it wasn't nearly as violent as what I had come to expect from such things in America. It was more like an elementary school game in which people lined up along one edge of the circle holding hands (I couldn't help thinking "red rover, red rover"), and then the hand-holding line of dudes would charge across the pit. It made me feel like a tough guy to storm around in there pretending to be a badass.

Went back to my group and Angela said she wanted to go into the pit, seeing that I had survived unscathed and smiling, and we barged back through the crowd to the front of the stage. There was a nice strong smell of sweat and something else and we were safe in a kind of buffer zone between the pit and the people getting smashed into the retaining wall in front of the stage. "There's a naked guy!" Angela shouted at me. "Yeah," I said, and we watched him for a few minutes, dangling around above us as people shuffled him to and fro. His clothes had been completely stripped and now he was really naked. He disappeared, again and people seemed to swarm around the place where he'd down. The pocket collapsed briefly and then expanded suddenly, and we could easily see the reason for the sudden change. Naked Chinese man had started peeing out in the crowd for all of us to watch, which was our cue to return to the more civilized extremities of the audience, and where the rest of our small group was watching.

The show ended and we stood around talking for a while. Josh's coworker and her friend left only to be replaced by another couple of girls Josh had met through Asian Friend Finder and had been at the concert for a few hours looking for him. We took our group down to Wudaoko and stopped to get something to eat. Angela had to work the next day, and was going home after eating, but the rest of us were going to another club to continue to feed our desire to see even more live Chinese rock music. Seth and Cory were waiting for us having engineered the continuation of our evening. After a couple more beers at the club and a little impromptu dance to some reggae music in between acts, I split.

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