Monday, October 17, 2005

E-mail spam is nothing new to most of us. Mysterious folks have been sending out unwanted trash to unsuspecting inboxes for many years, and still continue to do so. In fact, some of our less savvy users are notorious for passing the trash unbeknownst to them. Recently, though, I've noticed a new trend in spam.

I'm always happy to find out that random people have stumbled across my blog, and even happier when they have posted a comment or sent me an e-mail about what they've read. In recent weeks, I've received some strange messages from people who have posted responses to my blog. Every time someone posts a comment, an e-mail is delivered to my account. Unfortunately, the messages don't seem to be responses to my posts at all. Someone has taken the time to, after having initiated some keyword search, go to my website and post some information about a related site or three, including links.

For example, I recently received a message from a guy who had a couple scar sites! I had mentioned in a blog post about one year ago that I had unsuspectingly earned a cold sore and, after an unsuccessful fight, became the proud owner of a new scar on the corner of my mouth. In another message, some guy in France wanted to let me know about his confectionery websites and that, in particular, in France, chocolate is spelled without the final e at the end so it's just chocolat. I received one message which was complete gibberish. They were spamming my blog!

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