Friday, October 28, 2005

I've been quite busy recently and, as a result, I've been less consistent with my posts. One more entry should appear this month, though, as I'm nearing the end of my second full year in this location and I want to assess my position in cyberspace as I move into the third year.

There's not much to write about aside from the weather, which has taken a chillier turn, but seems to be in a kind of flip-floppy phase as the season changes: one day it's foggy, one day it's nearly raining and overcast, one day it's gorgeously clear and sunny. Variety is the spice with weather as with all things. Today it is clear and brightly sunny. I can hear the wind clamoring at the window and, looking down to the street, see all of the trees swaying and shaking. Fortunately, it hasn't turned so cold that we've needed to break out our long underwear, yet.

No special plans this weekend, although we need to make reservations for a return trip to Italy in January during the Winter holiday. It is the Halloween weekend (Halloween's on a crummy Monday this year), but we haven't looked around for anything special to do. Hard to get excited about Halloween while living in China as they simply don't celebrate it. The Chinese always want to scare off spirits with a grip of firecrackers during weddings or funerals or the new year. Nonetheless, I will go to work in costume on Monday, as we're hosting a Halloween carnival at our school, and hope to post some nice pictures from that event, so stay tuned...

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