Sunday, October 30, 2005

Managed to attend a Halloween birthday party on Friday night. Most of us dressed up, although I was merely wearing a funny hat, which is a kind of lavender-colored faux-fur fez. I was saving my real costume for the Halloween carnival at school.

We met the guest of honor, Annie, and her entourage at a Japanese restaurant. Fourteen of us, in total. The food wasn't so nice, but the conversation was exceptional and, after almost three hours, we left to karaoke. I'm not a big fan of karaoke, but it was the finest, most spacious and well attended karaoke joint I'd been in. Giant, lighted marble tables, ample and lush seatingUnfortunately, there were almost no English songs and we just ended up freestyling for a while over songs we didn't know, which was mildly entertaining. After we'd exhausted all of our improvisational wherewithal, we moved to a cappella, which was nice and seemed to let more people really take the stage. Eventually, disappointed that we didn't fulfill our karaoke fix, the party moved on to a dance club to hear some real music. Angela and me bowed out citing early plans on Saturday and returned to our apartment. We arrived home about 1:30AM.

Antique Market - Angela, Marco & SimonaSaturday came and, as the travel agency was closed, we couldn't change the date on our return tickets to Italy. The office was no longer open on weekends. We lazed around for a few hours and then went out to get some lunch at a Western restaurant we'd been wanting to try for many months: Steak & Eggs. We had a great relaxing and lengthy breakfast, still working off our grogginess from the previous evening's debauchery. In the late afternoon, we met Marco and Simona, a couple we'd met in Japan who'd recently relocated to Beijing, to check out an antique market and had a fun time window shopping. Here's a picture of the three of them haggling. Maybe we'll go back and look for some Christmas presents in a few weeks...

Just in time for Halloween, I have a new poem appearing in the premier issue of Tales from the Moonlit Path, which is a horror genre publication. I have another poem in a new magazine from England called Parameter. It's a print journal, but my poem is featured on the website here. Take a look and let me know how you liked them or didn't!

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