Tuesday, October 11, 2005

On the poetry front, I had another e-book released last week at Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry. It's called Hungry Flowers and it is a sample of some poems from a larger collection I've put together called A Kind of Weathervane. I'm hoping to get it published soon. Hint, hint. Click here to download Hungry Flowers or use the handy link in the list on the left side of this page.

In other news, publications in journals has been slow lately. I've tapered off the submissions somewhat, mostly due to a busier personal world, but there's work out there. I'm sprinkling the poems around a little less often, but still continuing to do so. I'm addicted. Sometimes, though, the poems go out and are never heard from again, but that's just the nature of the beast.

Finally, my gig at The Bookworm has been growing steadily and we're coming off our best show last week. There were over 30 onlookers and about 15 or so participants which made for well over one hour of literary entertainment. Everyone seemed to bring out their best work and the highlight of the show, in my mind, was my coworker, Hooyia, who sang a beautiful poem in Chinese which brought down the house. Zhou, a Chinese writer who has become a Wednesday night regular, recorded the event on his little digital jobber and I hope to release that soon in some form so y'all can catch a little whiff of this word jam session. Assuming that works without a hitch, I'll try to begin streaming these things live in the near future!

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