Sunday, October 02, 2005

Recent days have become a blur. It's hard to sit back and remember what I'd done only a few days ago. Quite a change from last year at this time when Angela and me were dying to meet other people. Now, with added responsibilities at our jobs and an increasingly expansive social circle, it seems like we hardly have a free night anymore. Be careful what you wish for. I'm only half-complaining, though. The excitement is nice and it really makes time fly.

Last night, we met two other couples (Marianna & Seth, and Cory & Katie) and, after eating together, hopped into cabs to find the Midi Music Festival. An event planned by The Beijing Midi School of Music featuring 45 Chinese punk and rock bands, the festival lasts over four consecutive days. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to enter on the opening day of the festival, but we planned to return on Monday to see the band Hang on the Box among the other acts. While looking for a bathroom, we unwittingly found ourselves inside the park, purchased beers and sat down behind the stage to enjoy the final songs of the last act. I don't think any of us were disappointed, even though we thought there would be music until midnight.

After the show ended, we made our way to the street and discovered that there was nary a cab to be had. A bus was waiting to take whoever wanted to go to the Nameless Highland Bar for more live music. We paid 40 RMB to enter the bar, which had a rustic wood interior and wooden tables, a large stage, old communist pictures and posters on the walls, and an upper level with booths around the stage. I was impressed.

The first band was fantastic, as well as surprising: World on a String from Denmark. The group featured an acoustic guitarist, an upright bassist, an electronic violinist and a tabla player. The musicians were quite accomplished and the combinations of those instruments was unique. I was captivated and clearly showed my appreciation by hooting and cheering periodically during their performance. The second band was Amores Perros SWE from Sweden and they were much more of a typical pop-rock band. After being blown away by the first band, we weren't nearly as impressed with the second, but stayed for the rest of their set and returned home around 12:30AM. All things considered, we'd had a great time.

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