Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas Tree & Ghost 2005Erected the Christmas tree yesterday, a bristle-y pine-green plastic pipe cleaner about six feet tall. A ritual I enjoy, although, before last year, I probably haven't been involved in a good tree-raising in about ten years. Now that I have good cheap Chinese Christmas gear and my own pad, I'm into it. All I need is a good wreath for the door and some pine scent and I'll be set...

Angela unsheathed our tree from it's cardboard container, put it together, and spread the branches apart. It took about three minutes to fully assemble and arm. There are only three parts: the base, the bottom half and the top half. I did the rest, hanging about 50 mostly bulbish ornaments (made in China), and two strings of 140 lights (made in Russia), one multi-colored and one white. We're equal opportunity tree-trimmers. Here's a picture of this year's version with reflection and ghost.

We purchased everything last year when we knew we would be remaining in China and thought this kind of holiday investment would do wonders for our holiday cheer on an annual basis. Looking back over my posts from last year, I discovered that I didn't mention anything about it! I performed a search, as well, but I don't have any faith in the search mechanism so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. I suppose it's not such a captivating story as some of my other posts, but it was a laborious experience, walking home in negative Celsius weather with a cumbersome box of tree and a giant bag of ornaments and other stuff.


Angie said...

I am glad to see some holiday cheer in your home, especially with the two of you so far from home. We miss you both and I hope to put my tree up this weekend.
Love, Angie

Bob said...

Yes, I miss all of you as well, especially seeing the little ones turn into big ones. We will see each other soon enough. Have a good holidays and I'll try to talk to everyone on Christmas. Say hello to the gang, sis.