Friday, November 04, 2005

Fridays are great. I only work for a few hours in the afternoon so I have the whole morning to loaf about, catch up on e-mail, clean the apartment or whatever. It's also payday today, which is always a pleasing day. Otherwise, it was a long, exhausting week and I'm glad to have reached the weekend once again.

The literary open mic at The Bookworm this week was a smash. This week, aside from being our longest night yet with almost 90 minutes of literary madness, featured many new faces, poems in Chinese, English, Italian and French, as well as a photo shoot for Time Out Beijing, an ex-pat magazine doing an article on the literary open mic for their December issue. There was also another photographer, Richard, from a Chinese magazine taking photos. It added a nice level of energy and excitement to the always surprising night. Santo, the Italian manager and chef, told me that he also posted a picture of me in action here. I hope to get some more pictures of the show posted one of these days when I actually remember to bring my camera, highlighting some of the other performers who have generously been supporting the weekly event.

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