Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween 2005 at the Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School was another smash hit. We revisited the Halloween Carnival we had held last year, improving upon the quality of the games and adding a bit more Halloween decor. Essentially, all of the foreign teachers hosted a different game in which the students could participate as often as they liked. Some kids did, indeed, play particular games numerous times.

Halloween 2005 - Pimp SkeletonThere were five games: Death Throw, which was a kind of coin toss; Bone Limbo, which was a limbo game in which students danced under the bone; Eyeball Bounce, a ping-pong ball game in which students must bounce the "eyeball" into any number of receptacles; Pin-the-Body-Part-on-the-Monster, which is self-explanatory; Trick-or-Treat Fishing, in which students "fished" for goodies. Unlike last year, in which some games were deserted, the students seemed to like all of the games. All of us were very busy and, by the end of the day, most of us were exhausted and ready to go home, happy about the successes of the day.

I dressed up like a skeleton and, having the most elaborate and well-built costume, which was also scary, was very popular with the students who would burst into screams upon seeing me. Here's a picture of me modeling my get-up. I made the bones from masking tape. Much less work than cutting them out of felt, which is how I made them once before, and much cheaper. You can view a selection of other photos from the Halloween Carnival by going here or by clicking on the handy link in the list on your left.

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