Friday, November 25, 2005

Thursdays are my long days. Three sessions in the morning, three sessions in the afternoon and then tutoring after school for 90 minutes. This Thursday seemed to last even longer as all of us foreign teachers were anticipating a Thanksgiving dinner at a local Western eatery. We had nixed an idea to have dinner together in one of our apartments in favor of attending a Thanksgiving dinner out.

We met at a small Belgian beer joint, Beer Mania, and, aside from another couple, we had the place to ourselves, which was nice. It almost felt like we were having a private party. After a beer or two and the full arrival and assemblage of our group totaling 13, we moved on to Steak & Eggs, packed with ex-pats, for our 9:30PM reservation. Two more people joined us to make 15 in all. Standing in the doorway, smoking, drinking, laughing and talking loudly, we didn't actually sit down until nearly 10:00PM. None of us were very happy about waiting even longer for an already late dinner, but what else could be done.

Thanksgiving 2005 - Beijing - Steak & EggsThe dinner was good. A small salad of iceberg lettuce and other typical vegetables arrived first. We had a choice between three entrées: turkey, ham or steak. I chose the steak, wrapped with a strip of bacon, and Angela chose the turkey, and we shared our main courses served with sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Both were fine and I think everyone else was satisfied with the quality of the meal. The meal finished up with a choice between apple or pumpkin pie.

At this point, it was quite late, topping 11:30PM, and those of us who had to work the next morning left for our homes. Four of us (Josh, Cory, Seth and me) went to Goose & Duck to watch Thanksgiving football. We waited and waited, playing liar's dice and darts to while away the time. The owner came by and asked us if we were waiting for football, bought a drink for all of us and said he would "check the satellite." A condensed version of last week's Tampa Bay/Atlanta game was being rebroadcast on a Japanese station, which was a good game, but otherwise, no Thanksgiving football. We left a bit disheartened and, after climbing sixteen flights of stairs, hit the pillow around 4AM.

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