Friday, December 16, 2005

Blog update. Some behind the scenes stuff which is probably not so interesting to the majority of you...

Moved the My Photos link to the Roll subsection. Killing my reviewed website, which is why the link is gone. I'm just not into it, I'm not such a good reviewer and I don't have time to keep up a seperate website. It takes all the extra energy I have to keep this one going. I also thought that, if I want to review a book or a movie, I'll just add it to the mix here, which makes more sense. Keep all my eggs in one basket and generate more content.

Edited my post from the 12th to include information about the organization for which proceeds from Saturday night's event were donated. We raised 1,530 RMB for the charity Care for Children! Congratulations to Efe and to all of the other folks who helped to make it a successful event.

Added a new feature in the sidebar to show y'all what I'm currently reading. I think I fixed a problem with text alignment when it was being resized. All elements should remain fixed in place now.

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