Sunday, December 04, 2005

Over the past month, we've had intermittant internet throughput. Is that the word I want? It sounds good, though. Anyway, the small red LINK light on the modem would often flicker, rather than remain fixedly lit, and we simply wouldn't be able to connect for hours at a time, if at all. We would sit on the edge of the bed and look over to the light periodically, waiting for it to stabilize. Sometimes, we would be able to connect for a few brief moments and then we would lose the connection soon after. Frustrating! This condition persisted for about three weeks. We thought about calling for assistance, thinking there may have been a problem with our line, but it seems that the problem has corrected itself and we're up and running at full speed again.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I monitor my traffic. I want to know from where you're coming. If anything, it's interesting. The hits I've received from different parts of the world have been wonderful. I never dreamed of reaching people in such places, even if accidentally. It's not odd to see hits from China on this thing, but there have been four hits from Hebei in recent weeks. What's in Hebei? I would expect them to come from Beijing since that's where I'm making the rounds.

In other unusual internet activity, I'd been able to reach my blog directly over the past week. Not just my own site, but the sites of all of you other bloggers. Usually, I have to go through a proxy to view my posts or read other blogs, but for some reason the former restrictions on the Blogspot domain in China seem to have been lifted. Things are back to circuitous normal now, and if I try to access a site by directly entering the URL, the browser just hangs. Perhaps there was a new guy working the filters last week. That or the folks here were allowing short-term access to create a list of blog patrons for future reference...

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